• Peace One Day

    The Peace One Day Celebration and concert on Peace Day 2012, the day of Global Truce, was held at Wembley Arena, with headline acts including Elton John, James Morrison and 2Cellos. Mr. Amreesh Chandra is an active and strong supporter of the cause

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  • Balkan Peace Festival

    Sahara India Parivar organized the first ever ‘Sahara Balkan Peace Festival’ in Skopje, Macedonia, the land of Mother Teresa. The festival was organized on 2nd October the International Day of Non Violence celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

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  • IAFEE Awards

    IAFEE is the brainchild of Amreesh Chandra . It was based on his ideology that “Sometimes, you need a bigger platform to spot the light on the expanding education system.The IAFEE Awards is an awards program to recognize the contributions of Achievers, Innovators and Contributors in the field of education and felicitate them. An education AWARD like the IAFEE is slated to be that platform.”

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  • Macedonia Education One World

    MEOW is a unique development initiative spearheaded by Amreesh Chandra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director Chandra Edu links. Modeled after the concept of an integrated self-contained township dedicated primarily towards education, it brings about a new way of developing planned townships.

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  • Gorakhpur Mahotsav

    Gorakhpur Mahotsav-2016, the four-day extravaganza, was that was inaugurated by I.G Gorakhpur zone H.R Sharma and DDU Vice Chancellor Ashok Kumar on the 29th of January 2016 was done with the singular objective to provide an opportunity to the students of Gorakhpur to showcase their talents through various academic and non academic events.

    Amreesh was one of the key initiators and heading a team of young entrepreneurs from the city of Gorakhpur as Chief Executive Coordinator made the first ever such event in North India to a big success.

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  • Batch 90

    It was a simple enough idea for someone with a natural instinct for reunions: Get a bunch of the guys together, like in the old days, and make it a benefit for the high school or just come together in memory of the school days. However none of this is structured so simply when you have a visionary like Amreesh Chandra at the helm of affairs.

    Working closely and in unison with the batch of 90 office bearers , St.Pauls the most amazing day long reunion in it's history if 37 years.

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